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Wenzhou Binbao Machinery Co.Ltd води во производството на хартиени и филмски џамбо ролни до машина за премотување на тесни ролни и машина за сечење ролни на листови, за индустрија за печатење и пакување производи. Ние ги развиваме и градиме машините и контролните системи кои управуваат со машините. Наша мисија е да понудиме висококвалитетни машини за индустријата.
Историја и основач
The three founders of the company are all passionate about machinery and have been working in the packaging and printing machinery industry for more than 10 years. They enjoy constantly updating and improving the machinery, and derive pleasure and fulfillment from it. It is because of their love that they have always led the company to develop new models and improve the performance of the machinery, which has been unanimously approved by users all over the world. After more than 10 years of development, the company's production capacity has reached 400 units/year, with an annual sales of more than 10 million dollars.

The Founders Discussing MachineOne Of Founders Testing Machine
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One Of Founder With Agents’ EngineerOne Of Founders In Exhibition

Продажба и постпродажна услуга

   Our sales managers provide free technical consultation to our customers. We will understand our customers' production needs from a professional point of view and provide them with reliable solutions. We will produce the machines that our customers need according to their actual needs.
We provide lifetime service for our customers. We have an after-sales service team of more than ten people, providing after-sales service for customers worldwide 7*24 hours, with fast reply and quick solution. Our experienced after-sales engineers with strong language communication skills are able to provide overseas on-site installation, debugging and training services.

Customer Engineer TrainingCo-founder In Customer Office
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Engineer Provide Service In Customer Site
Visiting Customer Office

Квалитет и сертификација

We always believe that the quality of our products is the life of a company. A team of professional designers is constantly optimizing the mechanical structure. To ensure the quality of our machinery, our company adopts advanced production management methods and mechanical processing equipment. We have 4 high-precision machining centers and several quality inspection instruments. These equipment help us to significantly improve the precision and durability of our mechanical parts. As a result, our high quality machinery is certified by SGS with CE certificate.

Центри за обработка
Центри за обработка
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CE сертификацијаCE Machine

Binbao Machinery will use its rich experience to continuously improve the performance of slitting machines and sheets cutting machines, provide high-quality machinery and after-sales services to end users all over the world.

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